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    A comprehensive Service of your vehicle is required because? 

    A car breakdown is never pleasant, it can be downright dangerous and it is always really inconvenient. You can protect your car, yourself and your car’s occupants as well as reduce the chances of further damage to the engine or other mechanical parts of the car if you follow these simple tips from Jensen Automotive.

    Major servicing of your car should be performed every 20,000kms or 12 months.



    Some current urban myths about “tune-ups”


    Myth: “Tune ups” are needed to keep your car in top shape.

    Truth: Mileage-based services suit today’s cars better.

    Why: A generic tune up isn’t necessarily in tune with your car’s serviceneeds. Instead, follow the list of service checks in your owner’s manual set at your car’s KM milestones.

    Myth: “Tune up” specials are good value.

    Truth: Getting a tune up special could just waste time and money.

    Why: Today’s cars are designed to last longer and, as long as you are following the manufacturer’s recommended car maintenance schedule, you shouldn’t need a tune up.

    Total Car Care… That’s Jensen’s Resolve –Keeping you safe and your car servicing costs affordable. Click Now to Find out How!

    Myth: A check-engine light means your car needs a “tune up”.

    Truth: A check-engine light is an indicator of many problems.

    Why: The check-engine light is activated when the car computer finds a problem with one of many components, not necessarily those related to emissions or engine performance.

    Myth: A failed emissions test means your car needs a “tuneup.”

    Truth: Frequently, emissions problems are associated with the car’s oxygen sensor.

    Why: A sluggish or failing O2 sensor causes gas mileage to decline and can affect emissions. Have the mechanic check its effectiveness with a scanner.

    Myth: The recommended car maintenance is the same thing as a “tuneup”.

    Truth: Not all recommended car maintenance is similar to tuneups of the past.

    Why: The type of service closest to the tuneup is the major service that is typically listed about every year or 20,000 KM in the owner’s manual.

    Our Major Service includes: No tune ups! Just manufacturer recommended SERVICING of set parts on your vehicle.Manufacturers maintenance schedule
    • Full lubrication change including oil and oil filter
    • Replacement of spark plugs and ignition points
    • Check and inspect air and fuel filters
    • Comprehensive electronic tune up
    • Check and adjust brakes
    • Check and adjust handbrake
    • Test Battery
    • Check suspension
    • Check exhaust system
    • Check and top up all fluids
    • Check and inspect cooling system including fan belts
    • Check lights and accessories
    • Check tyre pressure and adjust if necessary
    • Road test vehicle
    • Full written report and repairs estimate

    Total Car Care… That’s Jensen’s Resolve –Keeping you safe and your car servicing costs affordable. Click Now to Find out How!

    After we have serviced your vehicle we supply (if requested) all the parts removed from the vehicle for your inspection. We never carry out work on your vehicle unless you have given us prior permission to do so.

    Make sure you truly understand what is meant by “fixed price or capped service” when you are deciding where you are going to have your new car serviced.

    The video below shares some interesting and not widely known information about how you can be made to believe a fixed or capped price is real when in fact it is very rarely that at all!

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