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    With us, your safety comes first

    Tyres are one of the most important parts of our cars. At Jensen Automotive it never fails to stun us when we see the state of some vehicles tyres. Worn or odd tyres are the most common issues we are faced with.Tyres and Wheel Alignment at Jensen Automotive Perth

    Worn tyres can be due to several factors:

    Hard driving
    Incorrectly inflated
    Out of balance
    Tracking misaligned
    Wrong tyre for the vehicle

    The cause of the wear needs to be found and corrected. In many cases if caught soon enough we can extend the life of your tyres by  carrying out these relatively simple checks.

    The correct wheel alignment or tracking is a service element most people ignore because it costs extra to do! So why do you need to have the tracking checked ?

    Wheel alignment at Jensen AutomotiveEvery time you hit the kerb or go over a pothole the wheel alignment is stressed and over time will change. The effects on tyre ware is dramatic and can cut the life of your tyres significantly. So a check and adjustment can actually save you money and keep you safer longer.

    Each wheel needs to be balanced to ensure it rotates smoothly. If you look at the wheel rims of your car you will often see small lead weights attached to them. These weights are what we use to make sure the wheel is correctly balanced. If one should fall or be knocked of you will often feel a “wobble” at certain speeds. Jensen Automotive are specialists in re-balancing to stop this from happening.

    A good tyre is however the best value for money you can invest in your car. We have a huge selection available to us so we are able to advise the correct tyre for the type of vehicle you have from a small run about town car to a serious 4 wheel drive that goes off road a lot.

    At Jensen Automotive we stock tyres from quality manufacturers such as Maxxis, Roadstone, Hi fly, Lassa and Aplus.

    With smaller cars becoming more popular half tyre used as a sparethe area in the car to store a spare tyre is greatly reduced. To combat this a “half” tyre is used. This is typically half the width of the normal tyre. It is intended to be used in an emergency only to enable you to get to a garage to have the flat tyre repaired or replaced. These tyres have a restricted speed profile and must never be used above the specified speed or failure can (and does) occur.

    Why not give us a call and get the peace of mind you deserve knowing we will check and fix any issues we find.

    Total Car Care… That’s Jensen’s Resolve –Keeping you safe and your car servicing costs affordable. Click Now to Find out How!

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