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    Don’t wait till your transmission gives up – protect & maintain it now

    Transmission service by Jensen Automotive PerthA transmission service is part of your routine maintenance, just like replacing your engine oil. Jensen Automotive excels at this very specialised  element of your car.

    Our complete transmission service includes:

    • removing and examining the sump or pan (where possible)
    • replacing or cleaning the screen or filter
    • cleaning the pan
    • reinstalling the pan with a new pan gasket
    • pumping out the rest of the old fluid and replacing it with new, high quality transmission oil.
    • adding a friction modifier or additive package (model specific)

    We also repair all makes of auto and manual gearboxes.

    New fluid restores the holding power between the clutches, reducing slip and heat production.
    At the same time, flushing the old fluid washes away tiny particles of clutch material and metal shavings. Those particles clog passages and wedge between moving parts, causing wear throughout the transmission. Changing the fluid eliminates those particles and the wear they cause.

    The net result of changing the fluid is to provide better lubrication, improved the holding ability of the friction components, and reduced heat. So your transmission works better for years longer, which means you’re less likely to face a major transmission repair.

    Servicing your transmission is critical. With so many small components in the transmission it is imperative that the transmission fluid remains clean and at the correct operating temperature. Any contamination may result in cooler flow blockages. Once any interruption is created to the cooler flow – additional heat is generated within the transmission and so the cycle begins – LESS FLOW, MORE HEAT, LESS LUBRICATION and slowly but surely your transmission comes to an end.

    Servicing is recommended each 12 months or 30 000km, which ever occurs first.

    A regular service is cheap insurance when compared to the cost of an early rebuild. Call us now on 9354 3522 to find out how we can assist you, and remember we offer a loan car or pickup and drop off service as well…

    Total Car Care… That’s Jensen’s Resolve –Keeping you safe and your car servicing costs affordable. Click Now to Find out How!