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    Trouble free motoring needs top quality servicing – That’s what we do, Quality Services every time

    When we talk about SERVICING we mean just that. In years past cars were more “mechanical” and needed constant tuning because wear and general use caused settings to change relatively quickly. The points needed to be reset, the engine timing often had to be “adjusted” depending on the weather, the carburettor adjusted and a whole lot of “other” things needed to be tuned to keep the car performing as intended.

    Manufacturers maintenance schedule

    Modern test equipment speeds up trouble shooting and saves you $$$

    In today’s vehicles however there are a wide range of electronic devices that look after these old tuning issues for us.

    Log book serviicing

    Service your car regularly as per the log book maintains your car warranty.

    So why do people still refer to  “tune ups”? when they really mean service. Well I guess old habits die hard and it sounds more technical than a service! In our everyday ride there are no real areas where we can tune anything. However, what does need to happen is that we keep on top of the things that do need to be done at regular intervals to make sure the environment the vehicle operates within is maintained.

    Regular oil changes and filter changes (fuel, oil and air), hydraulic fluid and brakes, tyres and steering components to name a few all need to be checked on a regular KM’s travelled or time basis.

    If these manufacturers recommendations are followed a few dollars spent now can save you literally thousands later.

    Vehicle Service Specialists!

    Pre purchase inspections – Log book services – Clutch repairs –Transmission – Power steering – Brakes – Commercial fleet vehicles – Tyre sales – Wheel alignments – LPG – conversions

    Total Car Care… That’s Jensen’s Resolve –Keeping you safe and your car servicing costs affordable. Click Now to Find out How!