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    Are you sure that second-hand car is worth the money?


    Servicing all makes of car at Jensen Automotive PerthWhy do I need A Pre-Purchase Inspection?

    There were thousands of people who complained to the Citizen’s Advice Bureaus in every state and territory of Australia last year about faulty second hand cars. A pre-purchase inspection protects you from this, and we’re cheaper than most without losing the quality of service we base our entire reputation on!

    You will never be able to truly see what’s happening with a car body and chassis until you put the vehicle on the hoist where we can clearly see and test all the components.

    A use of a pry bar to ensure the suspension is solid and that the exhaust is fixed correctly and has not been tampered with or had repairs made using exhaust tape or that wear on the tyres means the tracking is out or the car has been driven hard can save you hundreds immediately.

    Checks on the brakes and other systems will give you peace of mind that when you get into the car it is going to do what it has been designed for, that is to move you and yours safely and reliably from point a to point b when you need to, regardless of the weather or other outside influences.

    Every car has its own areas of strengths and weaknesses. We understand this and from our experienced mechanics we quickly and efficiently check to make sure all is as it should be regardless of how difficult it is to test or inspect.

    Testing the engine for leaks and correct operation is the heart of the vehicle and is so often “overlooked” because the body paintwork is soooo nice! We take no short cuts when it comes to making sure you get the whole picture “warts and all”. After all it is our reputation on the line as well as your back pocket!

    We also specialise in inspecting prestige vehicles giving you complete confidence that the super car you’ve got your eye on is mechanically and structurally sound.

    So before you spend a fortune on a second hand car give us a call to put your mind at rest that you are not buying a “pig in a poke” and the car will safely do what you need it to do day after day after day… as long as you have the care serviced regularly of course!

    We offer two vehicle inspections packages to choose from:


    Mechanical inspection of major areas
    Structural inspection of major areas
    Full under-body check


    Full mechanical inspection of the vehicle
    Full structural inspection of the vehicle
    Full under-body check
    Extended road-test
    A full interior check

    Total Car Care… That’s Jensen’s Resolve –Keeping you safe and your car servicing costs affordable. Click Now to Find out How!