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    Keep your LPG Autogas cleaner, greener & cheaper with our expert services

    LPG ConversionLPG Autogas is by far the most widely available environmentally friendly alternative fuel available for general use today. The reason why is simple…  It’s Cleaner, Greener and Cheaper.

    Drivers and fleet operators save money each year by switching to LPG and this includes cars, vans and taxis whilst benefiting the environment. Driving an LPG vehicle is safe, easy and best of all, much cheaper than driving a petrol or diesel model.

    LPG autogas System manufacturers usually recommend that the LPG system should be serviced every 20,000 KM or 12 months to ensure that it is working safely and effectively. This usually involves an emissions check, filter change and a safety inspection of all components.

    The make of LPG system fitted to your vehicle will be shown in your Drivers Operation Manual or on the regulator / vaporiser unit which can be found in the engine compartment of your vehicle.

    This servicing interval is very important to maintain especially if you have cause to make a warranty claim if something goes wrong with the system.

    If you smell gas when running the vehicle you should switch over to petrol as soon as possible and get the vehicle into our workshop for a full safety test to ensure there are no leaks or faulty components which may be the cause of the smell.

    At Jensen Automotive our mechanics have been fully trained on the installation and servicing of the various makes and models of LPG autogas systems. We also use the relevant diagnostic tools to ensure our testing is consistent and in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations and specifications.

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