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    There’s never been a better time to convert!

    LPG Conversion

    How you can painlessly convert your Car, Van or Fleet Vehicle to LPG with Jensen Automotive.

    There has never been a better time to convert your Car or Van to LPG for so many reasons:

    Better On Price

    With petrol now costing over a dollar per Litre and LPG at just 80 cents you can travel further for less than half the price with LPG. It pays to perform LPG conversions.

    Better for The Environment

    Emissions from your vehicle will be less harmful than Petrol or Diesel on the Environment, meaning you can help do your bit for a cleaner world and save yourself a bundle while your doing it.

    LPG Autogas creates 25% less Nitrogen Oxides which brings about low level ozone which contributes to asthma and 20% less Carbon Dioxide which contributes towards global warming.

    Extends the Range of Your Car, Van or Fleet Vehicles

    LPG Autogas users keep their existing petrol system and add to it the additional benefits of LPG, together they mean that you can fill up with both and travel further without having to find a fuelling station. Its as easy as flicking a switch and you change from LPG to Petrol and back again with little or no perception of change.

    Kinder on Your Engine and Quieter Too!

    LPG Autogas users will Save 40% or more over Petrol users and 25% over Diesel users, and furthermore will inherit a quieter and more efficient motor.

    LPG Auto Conversions – whats involved?

    A tank constructed from steel is fitted (for most cars) in the boot. It is fitted with a multi function valve. This unit comprises of a fuel gauge, a pressure relief valve, excess flow valve and various shut off valves. It is filled via a filling point located usually at the rear of the vehicle.

    The gas in liquid form is carried through plastic coated copper pipes to the front of the car. Here it goes through a filter and than to the vapouriser. At this point it is converted to a gas ready for use by the engine.

    The flow of gas to the engine is controlled by an e.m.u . (electronic management unit). This unit works alongside the car’s own e.c.u. constantly monitoring the exhaust emissions and adjusting the gas supply accordingly. This unit is self learning and adapts to different drivers and road conditions automatically.

    A switch on the dashboard allows you to select the option of running on gas or petrol.

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