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    Let us keep your warranty safe & extend your car’s

    log book servicingAs your log book service includes checks to your brakes, tyres and engine you are ensuring that your vehicle is as safe as possible. A trained Jensen Automotive mechanic will know exactly how to spot low brake pads or dangerous tyres that need to be changed or repaired. These are not simply to keep the mechanic busy! They are changed to ensure the car can respond in emergency situations and therefore keep you safe.

    Keep your Log Book up to date. It can make you money when you sell the vehicle or at the very least give the potential new owner confidence the car has been looked after, and if it comes to deciding between two cars one with and one without the log book service history I know which one I would choose!

    If you cannot find the logbook you can go to the dealer and order a new one or you can buy a generic one from most car accessory shops.

    Licensed Repairer - Jensen Automotive PerthWho can service my car?

    A few years ago it was commonly thought that until a car was at least 3 years old it had to be serviced by the main dealer in order to validate the warranty. However, this is no longer the case. You are now entitled to use a non-franchised garage without invalidating the warranty meaning you can trust Jensen Automotive to give you a value for money, fast and reliable service that few garages can provide today.

    We are often faster and more accommodating to your needs than the big dealers where you tend to become a number rather than a person. We use genuine manufacturer parts when asked for, as well as a range of high quality to specification substitutes.

    You should never attempt to undertake the service yourself unless you are a qualified mechanic. You can carry out simple maintenance operations such as fluid top-ups and tyre changes. However, it is really not worth compromising your safety and the safety of your passengers by carrying out a service yourself. You will get the most from your car if it is routinely serviced by a qualified mechanic. Not to mention that if you do the log book service yourself the warranty is immediately void!

    Give us a call today on 9354 3522 and see for yourself why so many others trust us to keep their car safely on the road year after year.

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    Why not watch this video if you have any concerns over who can service your new vehicle…