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    For trouble-free off-road performance

    4 wheel off road Western Australia is one of the few places where a 4X4 vehicle is actually used for the purpose it was built for! I would love to know the ratio of 4X4 vehicles that are never taken off road to those that are used as for either having fun or are needed for their job.

    4X4 vehicles need to be maintained to the highest standards if you expect trouble free off road performance. Some people go off-road because they like to have fun, and these people are typically far more in touch with their 4×4’s than the average person.

    To get the most out of their ride most enthusiasts modify their rides for more power, better flexibility, and more capability. They know the importance of using Jensen Automotive for its use of quality parts and regular maintenance scheduling. The downside to going hard on the trails is that things do break and need to be repaired as quickly as possible, with the same quality and attention to detail that Jensen Automotive are renowned for.4 x 4 wheel bearing replacement.

    On the other hand, some people go off-road because it is necessary for their job or lifestyle, and you need the confidence that your vehicle is as safe and in the highest state of usability it can be. Let’s face it in Western Australia if you break down anywhere outside of the main city and town areas the passing traffic can be extremely light on a good day and near non-existent on a bad one.

    Having your 4X4 serviced and or repaired by Jensen Automotive is why you can have the peace of mind that your vehicle has been serviced to the highest standards and any repairs have been completed to specification or better!

    light commercial truckThere are a lot of commercial vehicles that require this same level of service. When your business relies on getting safely from A to B in harsh and unforgiving areas second best is just not good enough. At Jensen Automotive we understand this and we always make sure the work we do is to the high standards you expect. Whilst we use the best parts for the job and service your vehicle using the latest equipment it does not have to cost a fortune. We charge what the job is worth NOT what we think we can gouge out of you.

    We are truly determined to be the best we can which is why we are Jensen Automotive Licensed Repairer 4497members of a number of industry associations such as SERV Auto Group and a Western Australia Licensed Repairer (MR4497)

    Why not let us show you what we can do for you? call Jensen Automotive and have a chat, it only costs 20 cents for the call 9354 3522 and it could save you a fortune in repairs or stop you from being stuck in the middle of nowhere because a service was not done correctly or a repair was botched to save a few dollars on second rate parts!


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